One of a Kind

Work with our designers to come up with a gift like no other. 

Custome Engraved Gifts, Promotional Items and Industrial Applications

Tailored products just for you

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We saw a need...

Both of the founders of Shoals Engraving have family and are active in the local community. We saw a need for authentic personalized gifts and support to local businesses and makers. Through Shoals Engraving and NH Industrial Engraving we hope to inspire, spark and grow creativity in our community.

Design & Function

Create pieces that are functional and artistic. Either provide designs to us or work with our creatives to inspire unique gifts and pieces. Engineering and Design experience in house.

Locally Sourced

As much as possible we source our raw materials from other local businesses and woodmills in the area.

Thoughtfully Priced

Accessible to all our low overhead allows us to provide our services at prices that are affordable all while supporting the local community.

Tailored products upon request

Custom Gifts

Whether its putting your kids artwork on you favority tumbler, a baby's footprint on a heart pendant or just personalizing your best tools we can work with you to meet your needs. Just reach out to us - our capabilities are expanding monthly as we grow.

Don't know where to start?

We are here for you even if you aren't sure what you're looking for.

why we do it

We’ve been there

We are engineers, makers, family members, friends and business owners. We know what it takes to make something great and unique. Whether you want to stand out professionally or personally we'll be here for you with our years of experience. From CAD Design to Illustrator if we can't do it ourselves we know someone who can. 

Bring your problems and we'll find a solution together.

We want to bring innovation

From Fiber Lasers to 3D Printing and the latest software we have a tool chest to help with your project that is continually expanding. Coming in October we'll be able to cut large format (55" x 39") acrylic and wood for signs, projects and more. We're always expanding and learning to provide the latest in engraving technology.

Don't go it alone.

Engraving Projects, School Projects, Custom Gifts, Memorable Promotional Items, Maker Projects, Lasting heirlooms, Re-Conditioned Tools, Personalize Your Life.

Contact Information

Find us here: 383 Central Ave

Email:  contact@shoalsengraving.com

Phone: (833) 392-1234